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Our experienced web designers are passionate artists who will create the beautiful and effective websites you need.

We are ready to boost your business by turning your vision into a cutting edge brand.

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Our software developers offer swift installation of a range of booking and payment systems and will build bespoke applications to satisfy your requirements.

We use Agile processes to help streamline your business with targeted, well-crafted, software solutions.

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Our infrastructure experts build secure and reliable platforms to host your website and provide Internet services for your business.

Your company migrated to and hosted in the Cloud, at any scale – and leave all the complexity up to us.

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Cloud based server hosting

Style Dynamic, responsive and accessible websites

Code E-commerce systems and Payment Gateway integrations and manage the key

Logistics on the Cloud for our customers.

SCL is a Government G-Cloud provider.

We engineered the very first integration between WooCommerce and Capita's Pay360 SCP system. This allows Local Authorities to build low-cost e-commerce sites swiftly.

An in-house speciality is making Government websites WCAG 2.1 accessible and therefore legally compliant.

If you would like to discuss a project please contact us here or call us on 01239 393009

Our Values



Communication and understanding are at the core of our business. In order for us to serve you, we need to understand you. To ensure we are delivering the product which provides you with the greatest value, we treat you as the most valuable member of our team!

Measured Value

Measured Value

Our goal is to help you achieve or even surpass your goals. We combine our experience with tried and tested techniques to assess the value of each new feature and ensure that it really is contributing to the goal.




Just because we outwardly focus on business success, it doesn’t mean we sacrifice quality. In fact the only way to deliver fast and consistently, is to deliver very high quality.



We truly love what we do. Our drive to constantly learn keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

How We Work


In the digital age nothing is fixed – to deliver value you need to be able to adapt quickly. Our agile processes ensure that we can always deliver the features you require.


In order to ensure the greatest chance of success, it is important for you to understand your customers. We guide our clients through the process of rapidly delivering a Minimum Viable Product – something which can be assessed by potential customers, and use their feedback to steer further development towards a verifiable, successful goal.

Continuous Feedback

In order to ensure that we are building the right thing, we want to see how every change performs. We go out of our way to gain feedback from you for everything we do.

Behaviour Driven Development

When crafting software, we use the way the users will interact with the system as the driving force.

By focusing on the way the users will use the system, we can ensure that we are building the perfect tool for them.


Test Driven Development is a fundamental practice in our software projects. By driving development with automated tests, we create extensible software and maintain a high level of confidence in avoiding regressions.

Best Practices

There are many ways to achieve goals, but not all of them are good. We always adhere to the best practices determined by the community around the technologies that we work with. This means that your products can be extended in any way you might want without having to deal with nasty complexity.

Continuous Delivery

The best way to track progress and measure quality is to be able to see the progress. When working on a project, we ensure that it is usable from the very beginning. This will give you the confidence that what we are building is what you need, and if it isn’t, we can quickly adapt and fine-tune the development, often presenting an alternative within hours.

We are Cyber Essentials certified