A New Beginning

06 Sep 2016

waves-close-up-view-circle-drop-of-waterSCL started in the mid-1990s as a web-hosting company. We were one of the earliest hosting companies and ran our operation using a modest hardware setup. While other enterprises which started at the same time progressed to become larger mass hosting companies (which, at the time, outsourced their support overseas), we prided ourselves on providing personal support to a smaller customer base.

As our company has progressed, we have developed a highly skilled and motivated, agile design and development team – this area of the business has become our passion. While we were always excited to put more energy into these areas, we have always been held back from pursuing it to the level we wanted, due to our dependence on running and maintaining our hardware hosting platform. It required much maintenance, and since we have not been working at the scale of the large mass hosting companies we simply didn’t have the resources to maintain it.

Due to the weight of managing our hardware infrastructure, we have also not been able to spend time on our brand or provide the level of service for our customers that we have aspired to. To deal with this problem, we are now in the process of moving our hosting infrastructure into the cloud. We have built a platform on AWS to support our existing infrastructure and are in the process of migrating our clients’ websites onto that platform.

This is an exciting time for us! This lets us provide a better SLA to our customers by building on Amazon’s much more impressive cloud-based platform. This enables us to provide an improved service to our web-hosting clients and allows us to focus on our real passion. The start of this process is to develop our brand – and, in the process, creating a public example of what we do best and sharing our knowledge and experience.

SCL Internet is now our cover group name for our three departments of service:

SCL Style

Our dedicated web and graphic design team are thrilled to work with our customers to create a brand and style to grow their business. Our team focuses on realising the client’s vision while bringing experience and best practices to maximise the chance of success.

For small to medium size jobs, we employ our expertise in WordPress to create a platform for the customer to manage their website. For larger, more challenging jobs, our Style Team works in close collaboration with our Code Team to develop stylish solutions for the client’s needs.

SCL Code

Our software development team are a highly skilled group of developers with many decades of combined industry experience. Our primary focus in the team is to deliver immediate value to our customers. To achieve this, we know how to employ the best techniques to help the client identify their problems and goals. We can then assist them to set out a strategy to work towards providing the right solution. Our team is highly agile and works to maximise value at every step of development.

SCL Logistics

We’ve designed a stylish new site for you, with some great custom-coded features, now you need somewhere to host and manage it.
Our web-hosting customer base is still very important to us. We will continue to offer superior web-hosting and friendly support. We also provide full control of their hosting accounts via the ISPConfig control panel.

Our Logistics Team has an in-depth knowledge of Linux system management and Cloud Platforms and mission-critical real-time systems; this is also put to use when deploying large, highly scalable applications developed by the Code Team.

Our Blog and Newsletter

This is our first blog post – we will be producing many more. We aim to post regular articles from all members of our teams: sharing tips, ideas and things we have learned in all areas. We all love to learn, and it is no fun to learn without sharing what you have learned. We hope that in time, this will become a useful and free resource for other people working in our industries.

We will also be sending a regular newsletter, if you want to receive more exciting information, then please sign up – also follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook!

What do you think?

We base our whole business on using feedback to achieve great things. With this in mind, we want to hear from you – let us know what you think of what we are doing, and what you would like to see from us. We want to do our best, and your feedback is important to us.

We are looking forward to our exciting future and hope you will join us on this exciting journey!

4 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Always been a pleasure to work with you at SCL and it’s great to know that the reassurance of your knowledge and our confidence in availability of services is extending to cloud offerings and all the exciting new technologies appearing there. Look forward to exciting times ahead!

  2. My business has been a client for over 10 years and I have always been extremely impressed with and grateful to your talented team at SCL. You have solved many issues quickly and without fuss. Being a small internet services provider in a world of faceless corporations is a huge challenge and it is a testament to your abilities that you continue to survive and adapt to the rapidly changing technical landscape. I wish you continued success.

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