Astutium FAQ

Q: Will I get the same level of support?
A: Support will get even better for you! Our online support system (very
similar to the one you use now) is accessible through the Client Portal.
We aim to improve the provision of support to the (Brand) clients with more support staff and faster responses, as well as making available a complete range of pro-active virtual/dedicated server management options

Q: Will I manage my account the same way?
A: Astutium uses an online user-friendly system that allows the customers to take control of their own services, a later and more customised version of the current system you already access.
From today, data will start to be imported into this new system and we will have emailed you with new access details within a few weeks.

Q: Will my service improve?
A: Over time, Absolutely!
For Hosting clients your websites will shortly be migrated to new, low- population, fast Dual Intel QuadCore Xeon SSD based servers hosted at our DataCentres in the UK, NL or US (depending on your location/choice) For VPS OVZ clients we will shortly begin the transfer of your containers to newly deployed state-of-the-art hardware in our datacentres, on our network and to our IP ranges from the current 3rd-party systems For Dedicated server clients we will soon begin the transfer of your virtual machine to newly deployed hardware on our network on our IP ranges Uptime, Performance and Reliability should all be increasing as we refresh the hardware and add
new services.

Q: Can I still order Domain Names?
A: Yes. As an Accredited Domain Registrar, we are able to offer all ccTLDs (country domains) and GTLDs (generic domains) at very competitive prices with instant online registration (in over 99% of TLDs) for available domain names, as well as all the new GTLDs.
We average 30% less on registrations and renewals than most resellers, and consistently are part of the top 10 of ‘best-value-for-money’ accredited

Q: Do I need to do anything?
A: By and large there is no need for you to take any action. If we need you to
do anything we will let you know specifically.
There are a few web sites which do not use the (Brand) nameservers which we will need you to update at your DNS provider, but the number of those is very few, and we will contact you with specific details.
For virtualised services, there may be an IP change for your server if it needs to be moved between datacentres – details will be advised to you in advance if that happens

Q: Will I Access a Portal for managing my services the same way?
A: The URL for accessing the new client portal (and your login details) will be with you over the next few weeks, as we merge all the information onto our systems – details will be sent to you by email.

Q: Will there be any downtime?
A: The entire migration to new servers should occur in the background and you should experience zero downtime if you are already on our IP ranges We have not yet set the schedule for hardware replacement for the server migrations from 3rd-party datacentres – details will be sent to you
separately and posted on our status blog when we have confirmed dates – and any IP changes will be communicated well in advance. In many cases, a migration may not even be necessary at the start.

Q: Who do I contact now?
A: From (insert date here) you will be able to contact Astutium directly to get the assistance you need.
The existing support ticket system and account management portal will be set up to offer to redirect you to the main Astutium services – until then, keep using the same methods you do now.

Q: Will my price change?
A: The pricing is expected to stay on average the same or less.

# Domain Name Prices
Domain Registration, Renewal and Transfer pricing where possible will be the same or reducing.

As astutium are one of the few Accredited Domain Registrars and have access to direct pricing on domain names (rather than going through a reseller) – where savings are possible they will be automatically passed on to you reducing the price you are paying now as domains are transferred to
our own registrar accounts

# Website Hosting Prices
The cost of the hosting services will be largely the same/unchanged, with some more heavily utilised packages increasing slowly overtime to cover the actual cost of providing the services without ‘overselling’

In many cases, this can be completely offset by the reduction in costs on the domain names, and so if your domain is registered elsewhere other than the (Brands) [ or Astutium already ] you can save money by transferring that domain in now – contact for details on how to transfer your domain names and save money every year on renewals.

# Streaming Radio Hosting Prices
The cost of the streaming services will be largely the same/unchanged.

# SSL Certificate Prices
Astutium offer a much larger range of SSL certificate types (each type is designed for a specific purpose/industry/use)
  – in most cases, the price for replacing/renewing your certificate will be exactly the same or less than you pay now

* IP Addresses
The IP Address pricing is not expected to change as part of the acquisition, although they are likely to increase in price regularly – IPv4 is in very short
supply as there is a finite number and all LIR’s (Astutium is a RIPE LIR) is
limited to those they have now, with new IP allocations no longer possible.
The current pricing of additional IP Addresses is directly related to the actual costs incurred to manage, route, obtain and supply them, we do not profit from the nominal charge for additional IP addresses

* OVZ Virtual Servers
We are expecting to keep the existing pricing for the current OVZ virtual private servers the same for existing clients and make new plans and new options (and upgrades) available over time

* KVM Virtual Servers
The prices for KVM Virtual Dedicated Servers will be ‘normalised’ with the Astutium packages, meaning in most cases no change to price or feature set, with some reducing in cost at next renewal

Q: What Payment methods can I use?
A: You will be able to pay all of your future invoices by the payment method that is most convenient for you, with the exception that we are unable at this time to continue to accept Moneybookers/Skrill as they have recently been acquired – we are already in discussions with them as to when they will reopen the service for new applications.

Astutium accept
* Debit cards
* BACS directly to our bank accounts
* Standing Orders
* Paypal
* Bitcoins
* Credit and Amex cards
and many other methods full details can be seen at–How-can-I-pay-.html