About Dan

I'm head of design & development at SCL. I oversee project development from start to finish for websites and other design/development projects.

World’s First SCP WooCommerce Integration Plugin

WooCommerce meets Capita's Pay360

SCL has many years of experience in working with modern Payment Gateways and recently developed the first ever integration between Capita’s Pay 360 SCP and WooCommerce. 

Capita serves hundreds of Local Authorities in England, Wales and Scotland and the UK Government, providing those bodies with a wide range of services.

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Responsive Web Design: Behind the Buzzwords

SCL responsive website design

What is responsive web design? Why do search engines favour responsive websites? What does mobile optimisation do? What's the difference between a responsive website and a mobile website? These are just some of the questions we are asked when we propose website owners get a responsive website. Here's our explanation...

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Why we love WordPress

WordPress - The largest web CMS

WordPress. If you're a website owner and have looked around for a content management system (CMS), then you have probably heard the name. But why is it that WordPress has such a large presence on the internet?

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