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World’s First SCP WooCommerce Integration Plugin

WooCommerce meets Capita's Pay360

SCL has many years of experience in working with modern Payment Gateways and recently developed the first ever integration between Capita’s Pay 360 SCP and WooCommerce. 

Capita serves hundreds of Local Authorities in England, Wales and Scotland and the UK Government, providing those bodies with a wide range of services.

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Flex: What, How and Why?

using flex box instead of float

Flex is a new layout mode which provides simple and powerful tools for aligning content and creating complex layouts. Despite it not being an accepted standard from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), its popularity in the web design community is growing and browser support is pretty good in everything apart from Internet Explorer < 10 (who expected anything else?). Apparently, the draft of the standard was up for review at the start of September but we haven’t heard any news yet.

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Are you hurting your website?

Hurting your site

Are you hurting other people’s websites?

Well, are you? To find out, answer the following questions:

Am I running a WordPress site?
Have I done anything to protect wp-login.php?
Have I done anything to protect xmlrpc.php?
If you answered yes to number 1, and no to either of 2 or 3, then the answer is yes, you are hurting your website, and on shared hosting every other website on the same server.

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Our Favourite PHP Tools

PHP Logo

At SCL, most of the software projects we have worked on have used PHP as one of the main technologies. As time goes on, we’ve found a set of tools which we reach for every time when starting a new project.

In this article I’d like to briefly introduce these tools and why we like them.

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Responsive Web Design: Behind the Buzzwords

SCL responsive website design

What is responsive web design? Why do search engines favour responsive websites? What does mobile optimisation do? What's the difference between a responsive website and a mobile website? These are just some of the questions we are asked when we propose website owners get a responsive website. Here's our explanation...

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Why we love WordPress

WordPress - The largest web CMS

WordPress. If you're a website owner and have looked around for a content management system (CMS), then you have probably heard the name. But why is it that WordPress has such a large presence on the internet?

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A New Beginning

SCL started in the mid-1990s as a web-hosting company. We were one of the earliest hosting companies and ran our operation using a modest hardware setup. While other enterprises which started at the same time progressed to become larger mass hosting companies (which, at the time, outsourced their support overseas), we prided ourselves on providing personal support to a smaller customer base.

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