Maintenance Packages

WordPress websites

If you own a website which is built on WordPress, you may wish to get a maintenance package. This is where we will periodically take a back-up of your website and databases, then we will update your copy of WordPress and all of your plugins to the latest versions. We will also keep the latest backup that we take and store it locally as an added security measure.

Why would I want this?

Good question. You already have your WordPress site. Operating on a platform that accounts for over 31% of all websites on the net. Surely a system so powerful would be airtight, right?

Well, the truth is that yes, generally speaking, the system is very well made. However, due to it’s incredible popularity, it is also the subject of a lot of attention, not all of which is wanted. As a result, from time to time, a vulnerability will be discovered somewhere in the world. When this happens, the WordPress developers are pretty quick to fix it, they do this by updating the platform and, once they know it is stable, they release it (freely) to all WordPress sites. You will find these updates in the dashboard under Dashboard > Updates.

So why do I need your help?

Another good question! Well in truth, you can update it yourself, it only takes a few clicks and will work without issue most of the time. But here are some hard truths about being a website owner:

  • There is always a chance a vulnerability may be exploited in your website (aka a hack).
  • If your website is hacked, a range of things could happen including losing data such as the website itself and records in your databases (sales, users etc).
  • If your website is found to be compromised and causes an issue on our servers (which is a likely outcome of a hack) then we may shut it down to limit damage on our servers.
  • Without a contract it is up to you to fix your website, and we will not allow it back on our servers until we are sure it is secure.
  • If you need us to make emergency changes to your website, you will be charged at our emergency development rate of £70/hour to work on it as a priority (due to the impact this has on our regular workflow).
  • We are available to work on your site at our regular rate (£35/hour) but there will be a lead time on this depending on our workload at the time.

What we offer

We offer a service to WordPress websites hosted with us where we will backup your site on a monthly basis, and then update WordPress and all your plugins. In the event something goes wrong with the update, we will roll the site back to before the update (meaning it should work, but needs to be made secure). We will then research what went wrong and why, and examine possible solutions, alternatives and other ways you can move forward with your site.

As an example; say you have a plugin for a contact form, and it becomes incompatible with the new version of WordPress because the author has stopped maintaining it. We will research alternative contact form plugins and try to find one that is right for your needs. Then we will get in touch and inform you as to how to move forward. It does not include any actual development work (e.g. replacing and configuring a new contact form).

On a contract, if you need development work in order to update your WordPress and plugins we will carry out work as a priority and you will be charged at the standard development rate (£35 per hour + VAT).

A maintenance contract keeps your site up to date, which has all sorts of positive impacts, and it protects you from potential threats. From our point of view it keeps our servers better protected, and keeps our customers (you) online and happy.

We would like to be clear that you are in no way obligated to get a contract with us. The chances of your site being compromised are low. If it is compromised, the result is usually nothing more than a bit of spam, and can be fixed with a couple of hours of development work. But it could result in catastrophic and irretrievable loss of data. The result is likely to include downtime, so if your website is very important (such as your primary shop revenue) you should definitely think about getting one.

Oh and when we say ‘contract’, we mean we will set it up as a monthly rollover payment for the sake of convenience, but you can cancel at any time and we will stop taking payments then and there (not including any payment you have already made).

If you set up a maintenance contract with us, you must agree to the maintenance terms.

To enquire about a maintenance contract for your site, please get in touch with us for advice and information on how to set it up.