Maintenance Terms

  1. If we created your website, we are not obligated to fix issues with your site due to 3rd party software that we have installed for you.
  2. Zero-day exploitation of a website (when a vulnerability is exploited and there is no solution for it yet) is not something we, or anyone else, can protect against. We can in no way be considered at fault in this event.
  3. We will email you when a backup/update has been made. However it is up to you to confirm or deny that this is satisfactory. i.e. we will check it has worked, but will not test every single page of your website or payment gateways.
  4. Website maintenance will be performed during the first working week of every calendar month, or as soon as possible thereafter.
  5. We will back up and update the site’s WordPress installation. If there is an issue we will roll it back to before the update and spend up to 2 hours researching alternatives and various options based on your particular site. We will then give you some detail and consultation on what the best way forward is to get your site up to date and secure.
  6. Maintenance contracts do not cover you for any actual development work. We will not edit your website data or change any plugins or functionality.
  7. In the event we do development work on your site and fix it in very little time, we may, at our discretion, not charge for this.
  8. On any contract, your site will be prioritised in the event of an issue, and we will provide high priority development at our standard development rate (as opposed to an emergency rate or lead time).
  9. In the event you update WordPress yourself without our knowledge and encounter a problem, benefits of being on a maintenance contract are void.