At SCL we provide a variety of online services. A basic run-down of the costs to expect can be found below. Please note these are guide prices, there are often exceptions to the rule, and we try to be flexible. Prices are excluding VAT.

Hosting (per annum.)

Our hosting packages now come with TLS encryption as standard and are served over secure HTTPS protocol:

Standard website – from £80 p.a.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) – from £84


To get in touch regarding a hosting package, check out our contact page.


We sell a variety of domains at varying prices (prices in GBP for a period of 2 years) £12.50
 .com £24.15
 .net £22.49
 .org £24.99

For a full list of domain names prices, click here.

Site Maintenance

If you own a website which is built on WordPress, you may wish to get a maintenance contract. This is where we will periodically take a back-up of your website and databases, then we will update your copy of WordPress and all of your plugins to the latest versions.

Standard: £25/month

For more information on these please visit our maintenance contract page.

Design & Web Development (Website or graphic design)

Web development and graphic design are charged at £35 per hour.


Programming development is charged at a standard rate of £50 per hour.

How we quote for development

When we quote for a website or major project, we will quote for it based on the amount of time we believe it will take. This is the amount of time in which we are confident we can deliver the items laid out in the quote.

By their nature, online projects are likely to evolve as time goes on and new ideas or features may become something you decide you want. For this reason, we are flexible, and we will allow you to change/add things to the project while we are in the process of doing it. But please understand that this will mean that the original quote will have to also be flexible.

By quoting based on estimated time we not only give you a better understanding of what we intend to do in a given time-frame, but we also allow you to change things about the project on the fly, this type of flexible process improves transparency between us  and you, and also means you get the end product that you want. Not the product you wanted a few weeks ago!