The Importance of Strong Passwords

06 Mar 2017

Just a quick simple post this time. We know everyone tells you to stop using the same passwords for every site and to use strong passwords made of random letters, numbers, and symbols, not using real words, etc etc. But that doesn’t work anymore, it’s been said so often it’s just background noise these days. No one really gives it any thought.

So hopefully this will highlight in a more effective way,  the importance of, and reasons for doing this. Every entry you see below was banned for repeated failed FTP login attempts (attempts to guess your password using brute force), against just ONE of our servers, over a 3 hour period of ONE day. P@55w0rd or qwerty123 don’t seem like good passwords anymore, do they?

About Lee Musgrave

Lee manages all the servers and hardware at SCL i.e. the logistics. This involves making sure hosted sites remain active and stable and keeping the hardware operational.

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