World’s First SCP WooCommerce Integration Plugin

26 May 2022

SCL has many years of experience in working with modern Payment Gateways and recently developed the first ever integration between Capita’s Pay 360 SCP and WooCommerce. 

Capita serves hundreds of Local Authorities in England, Wales and Scotland and the UK Government, providing those bodies with a wide range of services.

Pay 360 SCP (Secure Card Portal) is the default Payment Gateway for County Councils in the UK and its formatting, procedures and error checking are far more extensive than a standard setup such as Stripe or PayPal (e.g. reconciliation at the end of every day, supporting fund codes for products as well as for postage and packing).

WooCommerce, integrated with WordPress, is the world’s most widely used e-commerce platform.

Here is the project, in all its glory (click to visit):

The Oriel Myrddin Gallery Shop - World's first SCP-WooCommerce shop

note: the design is an adaptation of the design from their main website.

The whole shopping experience including payments can be made bilingually in either English or Welsh.

This SCL development allows Local Authorities to create attractive e-commerce portals using WooCommerce swiftly and economically.

SCL can develop this module for other e-commerce systems such as Magento and would welcome enquiries.

We have many years of experience in dealing with booking and subscription systems and completed a variety of integrations, some bespoke, for Customers on different Payment Gateways including Stripe, Opayo (Sagepay), PayPal, SecPay, Worldpay, AmazonPay.

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